Why Derrin?

It’s tough to find the right person for the job.  Derrin isn’t for everybody.  Here are a number of reasons not to hire Derrin.  If you find yourself agreeing with any of the following statements, Derrin might not be the magician for you.

“I want my event to be just like everyone else’s.”

The fact that you’d have LIVE ENTERTAINMENT already means your event will be different.  We can watch the video of the cat flushing the toilet later, so there’s no need for all of us to individually stare at our phones now.  It’ll be an experience to remember, and it’ll be your experience, because you’ll be part of it.

“You’ve seen one magician, you’ve seen them all.”

Or have you?  Rabbits, top hats, tuxedos, doves and capes.  None of these exist in Derrin’s work; you’re more likely to see marshmallows, markers and socks.  Call it “Creative Conjuring”.

“Magic is only for kids.”

Magic is for everyone.  There are plenty of ways to keep kids busy, but only a few ways to keep EVERYONE entertained.  Derrin has this rare gift and he isn’t afraid to use it.  He promises not to tell your children you ended up having an even better time than they did. 

“I don’t like laughing.”

We’re all out to have a good time, including Derrin.  In fact, one of his goals is to laugh during the show himself, and he’s seen it already.  He has years of magic experience and studies improv under the some of the county’s top comedy writers and performers.  It’s a combination of lethal laughter.

“We had a magician last year, and it was awful.”

Derrin had a bad steak once.

“I don’t want anyone talking afterwards about how fantastic my event was.”

Eww.  Gross.  Praise and recognition.  Nobody wants that.  Save yourself the trouble of those pesky kudos, bothersome “We had such a great time!”s and irritating pats on the back.  Hire someone else.

“I don’t want an entertainer who has performed in Times Square, for celebrities, is featured in award winning feature length documentaries, and has won awards for excellence and creativity in his craft.” 

Derrin has deep love and respect for the art of magic.  He has dedicated the time and the effort it takes to become an expert.  Many of his effects are his own creation and all of his presentation is unique.  No one performs magic the way Derrin does. 

“I enjoy long stretches of monotony interspersed with discontinuous transitions.” 

No, you don’t.  And if you do, you deserve better.  You deserve more than just an ‘OK’ show.  You deserve to be fully drawn in, completely entertained.  You deserve laughter, wonder and awe.  You deserve to remember what it felt like to be eight years old and see something impossible happen right in front of your eyes.  You deserve to see something you’ve never seen before and an experience you never will forget. 

“I never want to be asked to be an entertainment chairperson for my organization again.” 

Do a great job and you’ll be rewarded by having to do it again.  Want an easy out for next time?  Don’t hire Derrin.